The Roswell Refuge has two locations, an Administration building and the Shelter.

Shelter employees must work in shifts around the clock to provide continuous supervision of guests and monitoring of building security. Meals must be supervised along with the guest use of the kitchen, living, and common areas. Cleaning of kitchen, bathrooms, and indoor and outdoor common areas are supervised by this position. Reports are filled out and submitted online and in paper form regularly.

Admin employees are expected to work a salaried rate in an office environment. Computer experience is a requirement. Most positions are for day positions, but some evening class coordinators are also available.

Thrift Store employees work out of the Admin building, and organize the collection, pricing, and display of items for resale. Private tours can be arranged and supervised by this position. With the exception of one paid supervisor, thrift store employees are volunteers.

Some of these positions may be available at any given time, but specific availability and postings will not be updated on the website. We do accept applications to put on file for positions that are not open at the current time. If you are interested in working with us, please call or email us.